Feeling Bipartisan, Governor LePage Promises to Bark Like a Deranged Sea Lion at both Democrats and Republicans in the Legislature

governor lepage promises

governor lepage promisesLEWISTON — Maine Democrats recaptured majorities in the state Senate and House of Representatives in Tuesday’s election, and Republican Gov. Paul LePage said he stood ready to work with anyone who wants to put Maine people first. “Here in Maine, we must come together to find solutions to our fiscal challenges that will lead to the recovery of our economy and improve prosperity for hardworking families and businesses,” LePage said in a written statement. The goals of his administration would not change, LePage press secretary Adrienne Bennett said Wednesday. She said the administration would continue its focus on two priorities in the upcoming legislative session set to start next month: implementing public education reform that puts students first and lowering the state’s high energy costs.  (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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