Farmingdale Fire Department’s Save The Basement Strategy Works Like A Charm

Farmingdale Fire Department

Farmingdale Fire DepartmentFARMINGDALE — A fire burned down a barn, caused extensive damage to a home and possibly killed several animals including newborn piglets Wednesday afternoon. No one was home at the time. Two people who spotted the fire while driving by were able to save a sow and one piglet from the barn, but it’s likely that other animals died. The flames took more than an hour to extinguish. A state fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire and a small explosion that occurred in the house. Tiffany Dawbin, of Hallowell, reported the fire at about 4:20 p.m. She said she saw the barn burning while passing the house on her way to pick up her children at her in-laws’ house. A man who was driving by also stopped and began hosing down the barn. “He grabbed the hose and starting spraying the barn down, enough so that we could open the door and coax the mama pig out,” Dawbin said. “And the baby pigs were running around, and we just had enough time to get one of them.” (read more at Morning Sentinel)