Fans of Jefferson Village School Sports Hope Brain Damage From Numerous Concussions Will Eventually Help Athletes Forget About All The Broken Glass On The Fields

Broken glass on playing fields

Jefferson Village SchoolIt was as early as December 2012 when he learned there were shards of glass in the new softball field at Jefferson Village School, but AOS 93 Superintendent Steve Bailey said it was not until last week that he found out the baseball field was contaminated, too.  The new building has had a variety of issues both before and after it opened in the fall of 2011, including septic issues, a burst fire sprinkler pipe, and an issue with a backup generator that delayed the building’s first day of school. At the Aug. 5 meeting of the Jefferson School Committee, Larry Stelzer, the president of the Jefferson Sports Association, said the fields are littered with glass shards – “some as big as your finger,” pieces of pottery, Bic lighters, nails, and large rocks. The fields at the school pose both a safety and liability risk and are unfit for sports or activities of any kind, Stelzer said. (read more at the Lincoln County News)

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