Couple Looking to Build a $5.4 Million Family Entertainment Complex in Wiscasset. Or They Could Buy an X-Box. Tough Call

family entertainment

family entertainment complexThe Wiscasset couple looking to build a family entertainment complex on Gardiner Road has bought the lot for $60,000 and spent $16,000 on a feasibility study. The next steps are to land the funding for the project, hire civil engineers and an architect and, when a site plan is ready, go back to the Wiscasset Planning Board, possibly in April, Vincent Thibeault said Monday. The couple hope to open V & S Factory in June 2017; it’s projected to draw 112,600 visitors a year, Thibeault said. In a new interview, Thibeault gave an update on his and wife Sally Thibeault’s plans, which have grown from an approximately $3,000,000 project with six bowling lanes and other entertainment, to a $5,400,000 one with 12 lanes and other changes. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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