Experts Rank Invasive Potential of Milfoil About Halfway Between a Phish Concert and a Busload of Massh*les


milfoilLake associations across York County are intensifying the fight this summer against the ever-present threat of invasive aquatic plants. At Lake Arrowhead, considered to be perhaps the worst-infested lake in Maine, daily efforts are under way to push back against the growth of variable-leaf milfoil, VLM, which has been present in the lake since the late 1990s. Lake Arrowhead is one of 23 Maine lakes known to be infested with invasive aquatic plants. Most of the water bodies are infected with milfoil, an aggressive water plant native to the southern United States. The plant, which can spread from one lake to another via a small fragment, forms dense mats that block sunlight from other species and degrades the habitat of native plants and animals. A thick mat of the plants can also render boating and other lake activities nearly impossible. (read more at Keep Me Current)

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