Ex-Felon Disappointed To Discover His Record Means He’s Only Qualified To Be A Congressman, Not A Tattooist In Lewiston

Lewiston Tattoo Parlor

Lewiston Tattoo ParlorLEWISTON, Maine — Angela Whitely, owner of Lisbon Street’s Ink Junkies tattoo parlor, did what she could to comfort Aaron Aldrich after the city council tabled his licensing appeal. “They’re not seeing you, Aaron,” she said Tuesday night. “They’re seeing the paper. They’re looking at your record, not at who you are.” In fact, it’s Aldrich’s record, his criminal record, that’s keeping him from being the newest tattoo artist at her shop. It’s an extensive record, too: He was convicted of felony robbery in 2003, felony burglary in April 2000 and felony theft in October 2000 — in addition to several misdemeanors for theft, carrying a concealed weapon and other crimes. Aldrich said he hasn’t tried to hide from his past or the things that he’s done. He served his time and was released from prison in 2010. Now 35 years old, he blames his past mistakes on drugs. (read more at Bangor Daily News)