Etna Postman Runs Over The Pet Goat, Blames Bush

pet goat

pet goatETNA, Maine — A local woman says her family is saddened and upset after a U.S. Postal Service driver ran over their pet goat Wednesday. The goat had to be put down. Barbara Rice, who lives on the West Etna Road, said she, her husband, Craig, and three sons have been heartbroken by the incident. “We had a package delivered and my 12-year-old [Cody] went out to get the package,” Barbara Rice recalled, adding that the family had three goats that liked to greet visitors. “He was yelling out at the mailman [about the goats around his truck]. He backed up and ran over it. “If he would’ve taken two seconds to make sure Cody had the third [goat out of the way], it wouldn’t have happened,” she said.  (read more at BangorDailyNews)

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