Entire Population Of Lincoln, Maine Is One Step From Just Swapping Garbage Bags Filled With Oily Rags With Each Other

twisted sisters thrift store

LINCOLN, Maine — There isn’t much that looks twisted about Tracy Trecartin, but when she and her sister Terri Pine heard a friend suggest Twisted Sisters as the name of their new thrift store, both jumped at it, Trecartin said Thursday. “There were a lot of names out there,” Trecartin said. “Terri and I are twins, not identical, and we are kind of twisted at times. Our relationship is kind of twisted. One day we will like each other and the next day we won’t, so that was just perfect.” The sisters opened Twisted Sisters resale and consignment store on April 17. It is one of five thrift stores or pawn shops that have opened in Lincoln over the last two years. Located at 60C West Broadway, Twisted Sisters joins four such stores on West Broadway: Lincoln Trading & Pawn, Lincoln Region Food Cupboard Thrift Shop, New Vision Thrift Store and another thrift store operation at the Benjamin Tibbetts Inc. hardware store. (read more at BangorDailyNews)