Energy Efficiency Experts Visit Freezing Couple’s Home To Make Sure They Don’t Have Any Waste Heat From Incandescent Light Bulbs

PERU — Hometown Energy owner Ike Libby said Monday night that Americans have sent his company more than $100,000 since it was mentioned Saturday in a front-page article in the The New York Times on Mainers struggling to heat their homes this winter. He said he was too busy answering the phone at his business at 90 Weld St. in Dixfield to tally the amount of donations given to pay for heating fuel deliveries to the needy, especially the elderly. “I don’t care for government,” he said, because of recent cuts in heating assistance. “But I tell you, after this I’m proud to be an American.” The New York Times article featured Robert and Wilma Hartford of Peru, who are disabled, living on $1,200 a month and struggling to pay for oil to heat their home. (read more at LewistonSunJournal)