Emergency Readiness a Priority in Sumner, Maine, Pop. 854. Procedures Include Opening the Window and Yelling Over to the Bouchard’s Place

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SUMNER — Sumner’s Emergency Management Agency Director Tom Standard said that Sumner’s Emergency Response Plan, which can take the town through anything from a flu pandemic to a nuclear accident, is the “best of any small town in Maine.” “We are one of the few towns in the whole county that has [this] level of preparation,” Standard told the Board of Selectmen during a March 13 meeting. According to Standard, when a tornado or atom [nuclear] bomb hits other towns, selectmen in those towns, are “going to be flying by the seat of their pants.” As EMA director, Standard said that his main responsibility is to develop emergency plans so that, during and after a catastrophic event, the town will react properly. Standard is a member of Oxford County’s Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT), which, according to Standard, works with Maine Emergency Management Agency and local responders to coordinate emergency response plans for Oxford County residents. (read more at the Advertiser Democrat)