Edgecomb Planning Board Member Wants to Know Why Some of the Lines Are Dotted

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Edgecomb planning boardThe Edgecomb Planning Board wants further examination of a Merry Island Road plot prior to ruling as to whether or not it’s located in a resource protection zone. The board required Maine Modular Manufacturing Homes owner Scott Gove to provide a survey showing contour lines next month to determine if the property is suitable for development. Gove, who attended the meeting on behalf of clients Richard and Karen Tiger, hoped to learn the property’s zoning designation without submitting costly surveys and studies. He estimates $1,000 for the contour maps and $700 for the septic design. “I’d hoped to save my clients some money by finding out whether this was possible first. I thought we’d ask first if this was in resource protection before doing those costly studies,” Gove said. (read more at the Wiscasset Newspaper)

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