Ecologists Search For Ways To Support Local Farmers Without Actually Eating Any Of The Knobby, Blackened Vegetables They Grow

maine local farmers

maine local farmersNORWAY—One-third of the farms in Maine will change hands in the near future as farmers grow too old to continue farming. If communities want to see farming continue into the next generation, how these farms are supported during this transitional time is critical. These are some of the issues raised by a new film, “Growing Local,” that will be screened on Friday, Nov. 7, at 6 p.m. at the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy on 443 Main St. in Norway. Admission is free. Bridget Besaw, the director and executive producer of the film, began her career as a photographer for the Bangor Daily News and, after a decade as a freelance magazine photographer, became more intrigued by film making as a natural progression in her life as a visual artist. She says the three short films that make up “Growing Local” are her first effort at being a real filmmaker. (read more at the Norway Advertiser Democrat)