Dog In Workplace Wonders Why His Human Doesn’t Weep Alone Into A Tub Of Ice Cream While Looking At Her Screen Like At Home

workplace dogs

workplace dogsAt businesses along hectic outer Congress Street in Portland, it’s not unusual for a client meeting to pause while an ambulance speeds by, siren wailing, horn blaring. At Burgess Advertising and Marketing, they wait an additional beat or two longer. Smiles break out. Adding to the cacophony is the urgent barking of Charlie, the 10-year-old yellow lab-shepherd mix who serves as the agency greeter. He’s been patrolling the first floor for nine years now. Darn ambulances still get to him, though. Every time. People in the room take the momentary chaos in stride. It’s all part of what they consider the benefit of having pets in the workplace. “Having dogs around elevates the mood in the office,” says Lori Davis, 50. She’s vice president of finance and Charlie’s owner. “How can you not smile when you see a dog?” (read more at KeepMeCurrent)

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