Deadly Evil Kayaks of Deathly Doom Almost Claim Another Victim on Pushaw Stream

Brewer kayak rescue

Pushaw StreamOLD TOWN, Maine — A Brewer woman who went kayaking on Pushaw Stream with her sister Wednesday capsized just before noon and got swept away by fast-moving water that pinned her against a submerged tree branch, a game warden said. Melissa “Missie” McLaughlin, 43, “was submerged from her belly down,” Lt. Dan Scott of the Maine Warden Service said shortly after she was freed from the water. McLaughlin capsized shortly after the sisters left the boat launch on West Old Town Road, also known as Route 43, which is near the Alton town line. Her sister, Shelley Fahey of Bangor, called for help at about 11:20 a.m. “She was caught in what we call a strainer — it’s basically a tree that is down in the river and the current forces you up against it and you’re basically pinned there,” Scott said of McLaughlin. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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