After Crushing Loss, Indianapolis Colts Present Evidence That the Grass at Gillette Stadium Is Fake


bradySources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter on Wednesday that the Colts had concerns about under-inflated balls after their Week 11 game against the Patriots at the Lucas Oil Stadium — with the roof closed — on Nov. 16. Colts safety Mike Adams intercepted Tom Brady twice in that game and gave the balls to the Colts’ equipment manager to save — and both times there were concerns about the balls feeling under-inflated, sources told Schefter. According to the Schefter report, the Colts raised concerns to the league, which was aware of the issue going into the AFC Championship game Sunday in Foxborough. The NFL found 11 of the 12 footballs the Patriots used in Sunday‚Äôs game were under-inflated beyond the league requirements, according to an NFL letter about the investigation that was shared with the Boston Globe on Tuesday. (read more at