Crummy Father Starts Wondering What Grilled Penguin Tastes Like After Only Ten Minutes Of Daughter’s Favorite Movie

penguins of madagascar

penguins of madagascarThe current tendency for the makers of animated movies is to find ways to make them accessible to multiple generations on multiple levels – call it the Pixar model, though the folks at Disney proper have been following suit with their more recent offerings. The DreamWorks team, on the other hand, has trended toward the sillier side of things. While the studio’s films haven’t lacked for heart – the “How to Train Your Dragon” movies spring immediately to mind – their offerings seem to skew toward the broad joke/goofy pun side of things. And sometimes, that’s precisely what you want. “Penguins of Madagascar” is a spin-off from the wildly successful “Madagascar” franchise, starring the aforementioned penguins. These relatively minor characters have been given a vehicle of their own – and they take the wheel with complete abandon. The four penguins – Skipper (Tom McGrath, “Mr. Peabody & Sherman”) the leader; Kowalski (Chris Miller, “Turbo”), the brains; Rico (Conrad Vernon, “Puss in Boots”), the demolition expert; and Private (Christopher Knights, “Megamind”), the cute one – have gone out on their own, seeking out new adventures. (read more at the Maine Edge)