Cranky Old Mainer Reviews Video Cassette of Dave He Found at The Dump. It’s About Dave


daveNot an antique review, but a review of an antique movie. Well, actually, since it’s not 25 years old, I assume it’s not actually an antique. But it’s old enough that I found it in our town’s recycling center. On the other hand, this movie we watched on a video last night, antique or just pretty old, Dave, is so up to date, I can’t help but review it. It’s billed as a comedy, but the story could be happening today. And the events in the movie are so real we found them more frightening than funny. The primary definition of “comedy” that fits Dave is that comedies have happy endings. The versions being lived out today in our strange world of politics, that world where the participants seem to have developed the wealth-building skill of getting folk to vote for them with the promise of helping said folk, but then, once elected, continuing to bow to the wishes of the wealthy who aid the politicians in their daily wealth-building efforts. Democrats, not so much? Maybe. Republicans, a lot more? Seems that way. Green Party? Who are they? Are they the ones who make me mow my lawn? (read more at the Magic City Morning Star)

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