Cranky Mainer Of Indeterminate Gender’s Most Current Christmas Anecdote Is From Eisenhower’s First Term

Cranky Mainer of indeterminate gender

Cranky Mainer of indeterminate genderIs there any truth to the rumor that the CIA used “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” as a torture device when interrogating prisoners? An apocryphal tale perhaps, but I can see its value. When you find yourself walking through your day, from doing the laundry to cooking or shopping at the market, while humming it’s a “Holly Jolly Christmas,” it’s only a symptom of the season. When you stand at the checkout counter and start singing it out loud to a line of bemused faces, you’re in Holly Jolly trouble. It’s only the 15th of December, and by now you’ve memorized “Deck The Halls.” But it wasn’t always fun. There is a great story out of the European campaign in World War II that was printed and re-printed in the Stars and Stripes newspaper: A wounded soldier was brought into a hospital where the nurse kept playing Christmas records on the loudspeaker. After a bit, the GI took out his weapon and blasted the speaker off the wall. Everyone applauded. (read more at Kennebec Journal)