Cranky Mainer of Indeterminate Gender Says Dolores Says You Ought to See This


foxI was napping on the sofa Sunday afternoon, when Dolores said, “You ought to see this.” I kind of woke up and responded, “See what?” I was now awake enough to see her looking out the front door window. “There’s a fox about five feet from the front porch, eating sunflower seeds,” she said, adding, “and Kitty is watching it from the bottom porch step.” “What should I do?” she asked. It’s nice to be asked your opinion. “Take its picture,” I answered, now half awake. Instead Dolores opened the front door, and she said the fox then ran from the dooryard into the bordering woods. It’s nice when your opinion of what the asker should do next is followed. I by now had been thinking about getting up and taking a picture. I continued my nap. (read much, much more like this at the Magic City Morning Star)