County Woman Beginning to Suspect Her Husband’s Chainsaw Collection Is Just a Bunch of Chainsaws He Bought

louis pelletier

ALLAGASH, Maine — Anyone who has spent any time at all in the Maine woods is familiar with the sounds of a gas-powered chain saw. The constant buzz of a saw is the soundtrack to timber operations, woodlot maintenance and firewood gathering. It’s also music to the ears of Louis Pelletier Jr., and with a collection of chain saws numbering in the hundreds, he has more than enough for a full orchestral symphony. “At the last count I had around 350,” Pelletier, 70, said during a recent interview from the shop of Allagash Wood Products where he and his son, Louis Pelletier III, produce furniture from locally milled wood. There are chain saws of every shape, style and color imaginable spread among several buildings on the Pelletiers’ property. Saws line the wall above the furniture shop’s entry, hang from the walls inside the shop and fill almost every square inch of shelf and floor space in a nearby garage. Pelletier’s love affair with the mechanized workhorse of the woods began in 1969 when he operated a business selling and servicing chain saws from his Allagash house. (read more at BangorDailyNews)