Conservation Workers Excited By Discovery Of Possibly The Tallest Chestnut Tree In The Country. Mainers Ask In Unison: How Many Loose Thrown Cords Can I Get Out Of That?

American Chestnut in Maine

American Chestnut in MaineHEBRON — A contest to find the largest trees in Oxford County may have uncovered the tallest American Chestnut tree in the state and perhaps the country. “We’re really excited about all of this,” Jean Federico of the Oxford County Soil and Water Conservation District, sponsor of the annual contest, said. She came to Ann Siekman’s property recently to look at an American Chestnut tree Siekman submitted for the contest. What she and others found was unexpected. The 95-foot tall tree is not only believed to be 20 feet taller than any other recorded in the state, but is perhaps the tallest of its species in the country. It measures 78 inches in circumference, Federico said. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)