Clorox Princess Says Drug-Addicted Porcine Old Fart Lumberjack Welfare Queens Are Ruining Maine For Her And Her Trees

In an online interview published this week, environmentalist Roxanne Quimby called Maine “a welfare state” that has a large population of obese and elderly people and whose major landowners are committed to a forest products industry model that hasn’t worked in years. Describing forest products landowners as “a very tight-knit group of industry people who own, manage and call the shots over ten million acres of land,” Quimby said they have aggressively harvested trees over the last 100 years “to the point where the mills in the area have been unable to stay competitive.” “A hundred years later, there isn’t enough to make a living. They’ve all fragmented … sold off rights and easements … just to stay alive,” Quimby said in the question-and-answer-formatted interview, full of ellipses, which appeared on, the website of the biweekly financial magazine Forbes. “But they still have not accepted that the old paradigm isn’t working. They’re in complete denial.” “We have the most aged population in the country. … I believe we have one of the highest adult obesity rates in New England. We have … oxycontin abuse,” Quimby added. “Maine’s the largest net receiver of Federal funds, even though we supposedly hate the Feds … it’s a welfare state.” (read more at BangorDailyNews)

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  1. teresa

    Prime candidates for servants to the elite few who would buy land hot on the borders of Miss Roxanne’s Wilderness Safari Park. Such a shame that ignorant ,fat, oxycontin-addled rubes are actually allowed to vote. They should know to stay home in their trailers until after dark so not to pollute the view for Miss Roxanne when they venture out to score their Kool-Aid and coffee brandy.
    She has a lot of nerve bringing up Burts Bees as an economic miracle to Guilford. It was no miracle when she moved production out of there to a more business-friendly climate down south in 1993, that’s for sure.

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