City Councilor Fights Back Niggling Suspicion That Biddeford Might Still Stink Even After They Tear Down The Incinerator

Biddeford Maine city manager

Biddeford Maine city managerBIDDEFORD — Around noontime on Friday at City Hall, City Manager John Bubier, surrounded by several city staff members and city councilors, put pen to paper and began the process of signing a stack of documents several inches, marking the beginning of a new course for the City of Biddeford. Earlier that day, officials at Casella Waste Systems, the Rutland, Vt.-based company, signed similar papers that shifted ownership of the Maine Energy Recovery Company waste-to-energy incinerator, located in Biddeford’s downtown, from the company to the city at a cost of $6.65 million. The sale and imminent closure of Maine Energy “is the beginning of an incredible new era of the downtown,” said Bubier. The only unfortunate part, he said, is those people who are losing their jobs. The facility has earned the city the moniker “trash town.” Its odor, traffic and pollution issues have been blamed for a stalled redevelopment of Biddeford’s downtown and nearby mill district, according to officials. (read more at Journal Tribune)