Catholic Relief Services Sends Bicycles to Kenyans. No Word on Plans to Send Mom Jeans

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catholic relief servicesKatherine Cassidy of Lubec, a former state representative and now a volunteer with the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) operating in Uganda, still says she is “astonished” at the success of her effort to provide rural African farm families with bicycles. “Just to know that I’m having an impact on 16 families,” she describes as “incredible.” Cassidy says her first trip to Africa was a 1987 visit to Kenya, where she struck up a correspondence with a young man who is now a father raising his own family. The correspondence continues today. In 2015 she joined Catholic Relief Services and went first to western Kenya then to neighboring Uganda, where her work focused on creation of self‑help groups for farmers… (read more at the Quoddy Tides)

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