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Lena Dunham Now Says She Was Raped By Dr. Aziz In The Marabar Caves

a passage to indiaEverybody listen up: Lena Dunham says a man who raped her in college is NOT named Barry. Consequently, Dunham’s blabby new memoir, in which she spills about everything including a sexual assault in college, is going to be altered to attach a different fake name to her assailant. Her publisher, Random House, is changing future editions of the best-selling Not That Kind of Girl to assign a different pseudonym to the man she said raped her, a man she described as a campus Republican named “Barry” who attended liberal Oberlin College with her. Except there really is a well-known Republican activist named Barry who went to Oberlin and he wasn’t the assailant; in fact, didn’t even know Dunham. He got a lawyer to complain. Meanwhile, an investigation by the Republican-defending website Breitbart found that the rest of Dunham’s description of her assailant (about his voice, his mustache, where he worked on campus, the radio talk show he hosted, etc.) didn’t match up with anybody at the small college in Ohio. The website last week accused Dunham of deliberately deciding to “hurl suspicion” at the real and innocent Republican named Barry. “Under scrutiny, Dunham’s rape story didn’t just fall apart; it evaporated into pixie dust and blew away,” the website charged. On Tuesday, Dunham wrote an essay for BuzzFeed explaining that “Barry” was just a made-up name. (read more at USA Today)

Police Trying To Determine If Gardiner Man Was Threatening His Girlfriend Or Writing A Country And Western Song

gardiner maine arrestA Gardiner man is facing charges after allegedly threatening to burn down his ex-girlfriend’s home and shoot her dog. Scott Howard, 30, was charged with domestic violence criminal threatening, domestic violence terrorizing, theft and violation of condition of release, said Maine State Police Trooper Jim Moore. No one was injured during the incident, which lasted six hours and involved multiple officers. Howard was being held Monday at the Kennebec County jail in lieu of $1,200 bail. Moore said police were called to Chelsea around 7:30 a.m. Monday by a woman reporting that Howard, her former boyfriend, was sending her Facebook messages threatening to burn down her house and her sister’s house. Howard, who allegedly stole his former girlfriend’s dog last week, also threatened to shoot the dog. “He was also telling her he was hiding in the woods with gun,” Moore said. Troopers said they set up a fake meeting between Howard and the former girlfriend in order to take him into custody. Howard was arrested around 1:30 p.m., on Route 24, in South Gardiner. “He thought he was waiting to meet her,” Moore said. “He was actually walking to meet us.” (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Damariscotta Adult Entertainment Is… Is… I Think I Just Threw Up In My Mouth A Little

burlesque costumeThe Damariscotta Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a draft adult entertainment moratorium ordinance Wednesday, Sept. 3 and scheduled a townwide vote for Wednesday, Sept. 17. The ordinance would temporarily prohibit adult entertainment establishments, which include adult book stores, novelty stores, spas, theaters, and video stores, as well as escort agencies, strip clubs, and other businesses. The establishment of such businesses “could pose serious threats to the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of Damariscotta” without regulation, according to the ordinance. The ordinance cites evidence that such establishments have negative effects on the surrounding areas, such as “perceived” decreases in property value, and that they “facilitate illicit and undesirable and, in some cases, criminal activities …” Adult entertainment establishments “can often be incompatible” with surrounding uses, particularly when in close proximity to day cares, homes, houses of worship, parks, schools, and similar areas, according to the draft ordinance. (read more at the Lincoln County News)

Interestingly, ‘Five Screaming China Pigs In Heat’ Is The Name Of My Mötley Crüe Tribute Band. But I Digress

Mötley CrüeCHINA — The screams of delight from a male pig placed with five receptive sows led to an erroneous report of an assault last week. A Hanson Road woman called police Jan. 27 after hearing what she believed to be a fight coming from a home separated by woods just a short distance away. The caller feared she had overheard domestic violence at the home. “The caller reported she heard screaming,” according to an activity log provided by Maine State Police. Trooper Thomas Bureau, accompanied by three other troopers, went to the house. Bureau spoke to the neighbor, who raises pigs. (read more at Morning Sentinel)

I Told You Not To Get Him Another Tie

Bridge. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorPROSPECT — Maine State Police officials talked a suicidal man out of jumping off the Penobscot Narrows Bridge Sunday afternoon. The 43-year-old Hancock County resident, whom police did not name, climbed over the safety railing at about 12:45 p.m., according to Sgt. Pat Hood of the Maine State Police. Trooper Jon Leach, who was off-duty, saw the man on the other side of the safety rail. He stopped his vehicle and called for backup, and Hood and Trooper Desiree Wuthenow arrived to help. Together, the trio spent 20 minutes talking to the man, who told them that he wanted to die. “It was a combination of life events led him to the point that day,” Hood said Monday. “I think it was years of stuff basically coming to a head. The significance of Father’s Day probably didn’t help any, either.” The man told them he was a father, Hood said. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)

Maine Woman Says She Suspects Many Men In The Military Might Be Aggressive And Pushy, And She Fears Many Of Them Might Have Access To Guns

Ruth MooreWASHINGTON — A bill named for a Maine woman that aims to make it easier for veterans to receive compensation for sexual assaults they have suffered in the military won passage Tuesday in the U.S. House of Representatives. The passage of the bill – sponsored by Rep. Chellie Pingree, D-Maine – is the first policy victory this year in either chamber of Congress for veterans’ groups and lawmakers who are pushing for a more aggressive military response to sexual assault within the ranks. “I’m beyond pleased,” said Ruth Moore, a sexual-assault survivor and the bill’s namesake, after the House approved the bill on a voice vote. “It is bittersweet, of course. But this is going to make a difference for so many veterans. Now, we just need to get it through the Senate.” (read more at Portland Press Herald)

Kennebunk Zumba Prostitute Expected To Be Sentenced To A Book Deal, Three-Picture Contract From Sony, Ninety Talk Show Appearances, Eleven Honorary Degrees, And Maybe A Little Jail Time

Alexis WrightALFRED (AP) — Just two days before a police raid, a fitness instructor was feeling good about her prostitution business. With a steady stream of clients, she was making tens of thousands of dollars tax-free while continuing to collect public assistance and using her Zumba studio as a front for prostitution.”I feel like this is going to be a good week,” Alexis Wright wrote to her business partner, an insurance agent who monitored the sex acts on his office computer 100 miles away while providing security by checking out johns’ license plates. Her enterprise came to an abrupt halt on Valentine’s Day 2012 when a police raid led to the seizure of detailed ledgers, client lists and other evidence indicating she routinely videotaped clients without their knowledge and kept detailed records indicating she made $150,000 over an 18-month period, while collecting more than $40,000 in public assistance. On Friday, the 30-year-old Wright is due to be sentenced to 10 months in jail for 20 counts including prostitution, conspiracy, tax evasion and theft by deception. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)

Saco Husband Finally Gets The Last Word

Saco StandoffSACO — A man who was recently separated from his wife caused a 4½-hour standoff with police that ended Saturday night when he apparently set their house on fire and died inside, police said. Deputy Police Chief Jeffrey Holland identified the man as Charles Scontras, who was born in 1955 and had previously run a shoe repair shop on Main Street in Saco. The incident began shortly before 2 p.m. when Scontras’ estranged wife went to the couple’s house at 16 Hillview Ave. to retrieve some belongings, Holland said. She was escorted by a police officer. Holland said the couple had been having problems and had recently separated. When the officer saw smoke coming from the house, he took the wife to a neighbor’s house, Holland said. Then the officer heard “at least one” shot fired, and the Maine State Police tactical team was called in, Holland said. More than a dozen state troopers surrounded the house. Holland said police had intermittent contact with Scontras, but that ended at 3:15 p.m. (read more at Kennebec Journal)

Three Women, Freed After Being Held As Sex Slaves For A Decade In A Basement In Cleveland, Are Immediately Fined For Not Having Health Insurance

Cleveland abduction siteCLEVELAND — Three women who went missing separately about a decade ago, when they were in their teens or early 20s, had been tied up but were found alive Monday in a residential area just south of downtown, and three brothers were arrested, police said. One of the women told a 911 dispatcher the person who had taken her was gone, and she pleaded for police officers to come and get her, saying, “I’m free now.” Cheering crowds gathered Monday night on the street near the home where police said Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight had been held since they went missing and were found earlier in the day. Police didn’t immediately provide any details of how the women were found but said they appeared to be in good health and had been taken to a hospital to be reunited with relatives and to be evaluated. They said a 6-year-old also was found in the home. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)


Shelly-Ann SalisburyLIBERTY, Maine — A woman was taken to jail Sunday after she allegedly used a knife to threaten her boyfriend after she found a message on his phone she didn’t like, according to police. Shelly-Ann Salisbury, 35, of Liberty denied threatening him with the knife, according to Lt. Jason Trundy of the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. “She did admit to tearing the phone out of the wall when he tried to call police,” Trundy said Wednesday. The man told officers that Salisbury had a knife in one hand and was assaulting him with the other hand, and marks on his face were consistent with his story, Trundy said. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

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