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Reality TV Star’s Nephew Arraigned For Keepin’ It Real

BenzinoBROCKTON, Mass. — A Massachusetts man is due to be arraigned on assault charges in the shooting of his uncle, reality TV star Benzino. Authorities say Benzino, whose real name is Raymond Scott, was shot and injured Saturday while riding in his mother’s funeral procession. Gai Scott, of Randolph, Mass., was taken into custody and charged with assault with intent to murder. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Plymouth District Court. Authorities say Scott pulled up alongside the hip-hop artist’s Bentley and opened fire. (read more at the Portland Press Herald)

You Want A Toe? I Can Get You A Toe, Believe Me. There Are Ways, Dude. You Don’t Wanna Know About It, Believe Me

Walter and The Dude in the dinerBOSTON — Police say a woman had her toe bitten off at a New Year’s Eve party in Boston. Officers responded to a city hospital at about 5 a.m. Wednesday for a report of an apparent assault in which the victim’s little toe on her left foot was bitten off. The victim told police she made a sexual advance to another woman at the party in the city’s Dorchester neighborhood at about 3 a.m., which upset the other woman’s boyfriend and led to a fight. (read more at Kennebec Journal)

Reporter Trying To Finish The 153rd Straight Story About Accused Mass Murderer Whitey Bulger That Doesn’t Mention His Brother Was The Massachusetts Senate President And President Of UMass

Whitey BulgerBOSTON — Jurors are expected to hear more grisly details about reputed mob boss James “Whitey” Bulger’s reign of terror in Boston when a former hit man testifies against his ex-boss in the closely watched racketeering and murder trial on Monday. Bulger faces a 32-count indictment that includes 19 murders he allegedly committed or ordered. The 83-year old, known as “Whitey” for the shock of blond hair he had even as a child, is accused of running Boston’s “Winter Hill Gang” for decades and threatening to kill small-time criminals unless they paid protection money. He has pleaded not guilty to all counts. The trial marks the final chapter in one of Boston’s longest-running crime dramas, bringing some closure to families of the 19 murder victims who are planning to come to the waterfront courthouse daily for the trial that is expected to last three to four months. In last week’s opening statements, prosecutors portrayed Bulger as a hands-on killer while Bulger’s lawyer described him as a mild-mannered criminal who had engaged in illegal gambling, loansharking and drug dealing but not murder. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Auction Of 1640 Psalm Book Highlights First Known Instance Of Bostonians Praying For A Left-Handed Outfielder That Could Hit For Power

Bay Psalm BookNEW YORK — A tiny book from 1640 believed to be the first ever printed in what is now the United States is going up for auction, and it could sell for as much as $30 million. Only 11 copies of the Bay Psalm Book survive in varying degrees of completeness. Members of Boston’s Old South Church have authorized the sale of one of its two copies at Sotheby’s Nov. 26. “It’s a spectacular book, arguably one of the most important books in this nation’s history,” said the Rev. Nancy Taylor, senior minister and CEO of the church, which was established in 1669. Samuel Adams was a member and Benjamin Franklin was baptized there. At one time, the church owned five copies of the 6-by-5-inch hymnal. One is now at the Library of Congress, another at Yale University and a third at Brown University. (read more at Portland Press Herald)

Nothing Says “Elegance” Like A Bunch Of Senior Citizens And Disability Fraudsters Pulling Levers In A Strip Mall Low-Rise Office Building Built On A Puddle Of Toxic Sludge In A Slum

Everett CasinoEVERETT, Mass. —  Las Vegas gambling magnate Steve Wynn’s firm on Wednesday unveiled a rendering of a $1.2 billion riverfront casino proposal that will compete with two others for the sole eastern Massachusetts resort casino license. The rendering envisions a 19-story hotel and casino with a glass facade rising on the banks of the Mystic River, connected to what appear to be restaurants and retail stores along a riverwalk on either side of the main building. The proposed casino would sit on 37 acres of land at the site of a former chemical plant in Everett, a city of about 41,000 residents just north of Boston. (read more at Lewiston Sun Journal)

Joe Kennedy Says Hugo Chavez Is Willing To Help Poor People From Massachusetts Heat Their Homes With Brimstone Next Year

hows the brimstone taste hugoCARACAS, Venezuela — President Hugo Chavez was a former paratroop commander and self-styled “subversive” who waged continual battle for his socialist ideals. He bedeviled the United States and outsmarted his rivals time and again, while using Venezuela’s vast oil wealth to his political advantage. Chavez led one coup attempt, defeated another and was re-elected three times. Almost the only adversary it seemed he couldn’t beat was cancer. He died Tuesday in Caracas at age 58, two years after he was first diagnosed. The son of schoolteachers, he rose from poverty in a dirt-floor, mud-walled house, a “humble soldier” in the battle for socialism. He fashioned himself after 19th-century independence leader Simon Bolivar and renamed his country the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. (read more at Portland Press Herald)

Home Construction Increases In Northern Massachusetts, But No One Wants To Move To Maine

New home construction in MaineNew-home construction in southern Maine has jumped 35 percent in 2012, a rebound from last year when housing starts in the region hit a 20-year low. While the news is good, it does not necessarily signal a recovery, builders say. They caution that the figures mark mainly prime locations in southern coastal towns and that new construction in the rest of the state remains stagnant. The number of new-home permits in southern Maine is still well below pre-recession levels and some builders fear this year’s growth is just a temporary uptick after last year’s depressed numbers. “There are definitely pockets of growth, especially in coastal areas in York County. West of I-95, things are really slow,” said Larry Duell, president of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Maine. “Statewide, new-home permitting is weak.” (read more at Portland Press Herald)

Local Officials Rate Giant, Invasive, Skin-Burning Plant A “4” On A Scale Of “Zero” To “People From Massachusetts”

BANGOR, Maine — If there was a Hulk version of Queen Anne’s lace, giant hogweed would be it. The invasive plant species can tower up to 14 feet tall with flower heads up to 1 foot wide, but it’s far more malevolent than its kin: The stem’s sap can cause serious burns on your skin and in some cases blindness. “Of all the ones I’ve seen, this one scares me the most,” said Ronald Lemin Jr., a vegetation management sales consultant with CPS Timberland who has volunteered time to help eradicate hogweed from an area in Bangor. The invasive species expert said there is a massive hogweed infestation site in Bangor on land between Ohio Street and Finson Road. The thousands of plants situated around a tributary could spread the infestation to Kenduskeag Stream and into the Penobscot River because of hogweed’s floatable seeds, which are produced by the hundreds during germination. For this reason, Lemin said he wants to warn anyone in the area to be wary of the giant plants. The expert said the plant’s surface is harmless to touch, but its fragile, hollow stem is full of dangerous sap that can burn the skin. “I would just stay away from it,” Lemin said. (read more at BangorDailyNews)

Boston/Portland/Halifax Triangle Trade Route Based On Bruins Jerseys, Sweaters, And Sweaters Not A Success

PORTLAND— The port of Portland has lost scheduled container shipping again, nine months after the start of weekly service connecting Boston and Halifax, Nova Scotia. New York-based American Feeder Lines announced late last week that it suspended operations, citing a lack of volume and loss of private investment. It now is announcing that the company is closing. “We’re very disappointed, we thought the timing was right,” Rudy Mack, the company’s chief operating officer, told The Portland Press Herald. The move is a blow to Portland, which is in the midst of rebuilding and expanding cargo facilities at the International Marine Terminal. The $5 million, federally funded project will be done this summer. American Feeder Line’s demise also represents a financial loss for the Maine Port Authority. In early March, the authority approved a $200,000 loan to the company to help pay for operations.The money came from lease and dockage revenues, not tax dollars. Boston and Halifax made similar loans. That investment now appears to be gone. (read more at PortlandPressHerald)

Experts At A Loss To Explain Why Any Sentient Creature Would Want To Be Stranded In Massachusetts

WELLFLEET, Mass — There’s no good spot on Cape Cod for dolphins to continue this winter’s massive and unexplained beachings, but a group of 11 has chosen one of the worst. The remote inlet down Wellfleet’s Herring River is a place where the tides recede fast and far, and that’s left the animals mired in a grayish-brown mud one local calls “Wellfleet mayonnaise.” Walking is the only way to reach the animals, but it’s not easy. Rescuers crunch through cord grass and seashells before hitting a grabby muck that releases a footstep only after a sucking pop. One volunteer hits a thigh-deep “hole” and tumbles forward. The mud covers his face like messy war paint the rest of the morning. Rescuers make a quick assessment once they reach the animals. One dolphin is dead, but the other 10 appear healthy, and some bang their tails in the shallows, struggling to move. Rescuers decide the best course is to wait for the incoming tide to free the dolphins, then boats can try to herd them out of trouble. The only other alternative is hauling them to a waiting trailer, and open water. (more at KennebecJournal)

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