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Owl’s Head Man Gets Himself Arrested By Annoying Teenage Girls On Facebook. “Annoying” Works As a Verb or an Adjective In That Sentence

Sumner P. SwettA 38-year-old convicted sex offender is barred from having a computer and going online for the next year after he pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to harassing young girls by contacting them on Facebook and Instagram even after they told him to stop. Sumner P. Swett of Owls Head was arrested by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and charged with harassment by telephone or by electronic communication device. Swett pleaded guilty to the charge on Wednesday. The district attorney’s office agreed to a deferred disposition in which for the next year, Swett will be required to undergo counseling, agree to random searches and be barred from having a computer or using the Internet. If he adheres to terms of those conditions, Swett will be sentenced to one year in jail with all but 30 days suspended. (read more at the Lincoln County News)

Portland Police Increase Their Popularity By Avoiding Criminals At All Costs

portland maine policePORTLAND, MAINE — For nearly three weeks, the faces of Portland police officers “Graham and Joe” have been all over the place — in the real world and the virtual one. In a revival of the Portland Police Department’s walking patrol, which in recent years has been dormant during the winter, officers Graham Hults and Joe Chappell have embraced the chilly duty with zeal, stopping often to listen to constituents’ stories or problems and posting prolifically about their travels on the department’s Facebook page. Signing off on each social media post as simply “Graham and Joe” with the tag #footbeat, the duo has put up pictures of themselves playing with neighborhood children, cuddling puppies and visiting business owners. Nationwide, police have been at the center of several divisive controversies in 2014, including deadly altercations in Ferguson, Missouri, and New York City, as well as criticisms over the amount of military equipment departments now use nationwide. Even in Maine, police have been under heavy scrutiny for their inventories of military weapons and vehicles, and for disproportionately high arrest rates of blacks. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

And You Clutch The Generator With Tales Of Knave Ulysses

Cream in 1968KNOX — A Unity man who allegedly tried to place a lit cigarette into the open gas tank of a generator during a reported domestic assault was arrested Saturday. Ulysses Queener, 50, went to a home on Morse Road in Knox at about 6 p.m. Saturday to “confront his ex-girlfriend over a generator that was at the residence,” according to a report from the Waldo County Sheriff’s Office. The woman had taken the generator and was using it at the home, but Queener thought the generator should be with him, Lt. Jason Trundy said Monday. “There was a verbal, then a physical confrontation,” Trundy said. During the argument, Queener allegedly pushed the woman on top of the generator, then tried to put a lit cigarette into the gas tank. Although he later told deputies that he had meant to throw the cigarette on the ground, other people in the home who witnessed the altercation said that it looked as if Queener wanted to put it in the open gas tank. His motives weren’t explicitly stated, Trundy said, but seemed suspicious to the responding officers. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

Grateful Dead Manager Asks Interviewer What Was The Question Again, Again

grateful dead managerIt was the summer of 1966 – at the height of the Cold War and Vietnam, with the Civil Rights Movement in full bloom – when 23-year-old Richard Loren embarked on a pop cultural journey with some of the most influential rock icons of the day. That transformative time was reflected in the revolutionary spirit of the music being made. “Bob Dylan turned the Beatles on to some dope and we went from ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ to ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds,'” recalled Loren in an interview from his home in Nobleboro. “Rock was a movement then. It was the catalyst for change, the driving force behind the counter-culture.” Over the next decade and a half, Loren went from booking hot new rock acts like the Doors and Jefferson Airplane in New York City to organizing the Grateful Dead’s legendary concerts at the pyramids of Giza in 1978.

Thomaston Man Dooms A Seal, Which Seals His Doom

thomaston man hits sealROCKLAND, Maine — A Thomaston man only will [sic] receive fines for striking a seal with his skiff this past summer, sharing Suboxone with his fiancee and driving to endanger if he adheres to terms of a deal approved in court Friday. Justice William Stokes accepted a plea deal worked out between the Maine attorney general’s office and defense attorney in the case against 27-year-old Adam L. Dodge, who was charged by the Maine Marine Patrol with killing or injuring an animal with a motor vehicle. Defense attorney Eric “Rick” Morse said his client agreed to plead guilty to that charge and two others as part of a compromise. Morse said his client only admits he hit a seal while coming into shore from his lobster boat in Rockport Harbor on Aug. 13. Morse said several people on land thought Dodge intentionally turned the skiff into the seal while heading to shore. Dodge also pleaded guilty to a felony charge of furnishing Suboxone in September in Thomaston, as well as driving to endanger on Aug. 21 at the Union Fairgrounds. A charge of endangering the welfare of a child, which was connected to the Aug. 21 incident, was dismissed. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Police Discover The Last Person In The Country Who Wants To Talk To President Obama

white house fenceWASHINGTON — A man jumped the White House fence on Wednesday evening and was attacked by Secret Service dogs before being arrested, a Secret Service spokesman said. “Dogs got him,” the spokesman said, referring to the intruder. Video showed Secret Service agents surrounding the man on the north lawn of the White House, which was put on lockdown for about 90 minutes. The man punched one of the dogs that attacked him, as seen in the video. The incident came roughly a month after an intruder armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and made it inside the executive mansion, raising questions about security levels at the heavily guarded complex and spurring the resignation of then-Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. The man climbed the fence around 7:15 p.m. and was apprehended shortly thereafter.  (keep reading at the Bangor Daily News)

Police Say Mexico Man Achieved The Rare 13th Step In The AA Program

wilfred merrillPARIS — Police said a 50-year-old Mexico man is charged with trying to strangle a speaker at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting Monday night. Wilfred T. Merrill of Mexico Avenue is charged with felony aggravated assault, refusal to submit to arrest, attempting to elude an officer, criminal speeding and operating after suspension, according to a complaint Mexico police filed with a court clerk.  Merrill was arrested on Route 2 in Rumford on Monday night, police Chief Roy Hodsdon said, and made an initial appearance in Rumford District Court on Tuesday afternoon. Hodsdon said Merrill was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Mexico around 7:30 p.m. Monday when he assaulted an elderly man. After the two were separated, Merrill fled on foot. According to Hodsdon’s affidavit filed in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris, the victim told police he was speaking to the group when Merrill approached and tried to strangle him. There was no direct communication between the two before the assault, the affidavit said. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

Local Hipster Pretty Sure English Majors Invented Agriculture About Twenty Years Ago

common ground fairUNITY, Maine — From low-impact forestry to Scottish Highland cattle to contra dancing, the 38th annual Common Ground Country Fair is a celebration of Maine’s rural and agricultural traditions. Tens of thousands are expected to gather this weekend on 50 lush acres in Unity for the three-day fair that captures the essence of Maine and the bounty of the harvest season. “We strive for community and education while highlighting agriculture,” April Boucher, fair director, said. Run by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association, the fair unites leaders in agriculture like Ben Falk, author of “The Resilient Farm and Homestead,” with locals like Lisa Fernandes, who runs The Resilience Hub, a permaculture center in Portland. Both are speaking about permaculture, this year’s theme, which focuses on designing ecological landscape systems that work in harmony with nature to restore balance. As more and more people embrace the do-it-yourself lifestyle across Maine and the country, these age-old practices of homesteading and low-energy use are being re-examined for modern times. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Police Charge Rockland Man With Being Dunkin’ Disorderly

Adam HallROCKLAND, Maine — An unhappy customer is in legal trouble after allegedly stealing a sign when he couldn’t get a sandwich. Adam Hall, 22, of Rockland was arrested and charged with theft after Rockland police said he stole a stand-up vinyl sign from outside the Dunkin’ Donuts in Rockland. Police apprehended Hall early Sunday morning. Hall told officers that he stole the sign because when he went to order a sandwich he claimed was being advertised, he was told it was not on the menu, according to Deputy Police Chief Wally Tower. The chief said he did not know the type of sandwich that Hall sought. Hall also was charged with ripping out a sunflower from the flower garden at the adjacent ice cream shop at Home Kitchen Cafe. Hall told officers that sunflowers were too tall and that the ice cream shop had not been open long enough to deserve having such a flower. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Wes Welker Says The Drugs Must Have Belonged To Ty Law’s Cousin

wes welkerENGLEWOOD, Colo. — The Denver Broncos will be without Wes Welker for the first four games of the season, after the NFL said the receiver violated the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. Normally, the league announces such violations on Mondays. News of Welker’s ban didn’t come down until late Tuesday, after the league offices had closed and the Broncos had already finished drawing up blueprints for their opener against Indianapolis, undoubtedly with Welker playing a prominent role. ESPN first reported Welker’s suspension, saying the violation had to do with amphetamines. Welker told the Denver Post in an email that he was “as shocked as everyone at today’s news.” He noted he’s meticulous about what he puts in his body and would “never knowingly take a substance to gain a competitive advantage in any way.” The 11th-year pro who’s been the NFL’s top slot receiver over the last decade added that he never concerned himself with the league’s drug rules but now realizes those policies “are clearly flawed.” (read more at the Portland Press Herald)

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