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New Kennebec Chamber of Commerce President Is Willing to Go to Lunch to Discuss It for the Third Time Today

ross cunninghamAUGUSTA — The first new president of the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce in 26 years told attendees of the chamber’s annual awards gala the region and their businesses will both be better off if they work together. Ross Cunningham, who started on the job earlier this month, said the businesses recognized at the Friday awards dinner are great examples for other business owners to follow. They provide, he said, examples of how businesses can thrive as businesses while also making the larger community a better place to live for others. For the betterment of all. “We are here to make the Kennebec Valley a better place to live,” the Lisbon man and former Navy lieutenant commander said at the Augusta Civic Center event. “We can do this most effectively through two simple actions. Work together. And spread the word. “Winston Churchill said ‘We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.’ We have unlimited resources right here in this room and I look forward to partnering with each of you to grow our chamber, our region and your business.” (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Owl’s Head Man Gets Himself Arrested By Annoying Teenage Girls On Facebook. “Annoying” Works As a Verb or an Adjective In That Sentence

Sumner P. SwettA 38-year-old convicted sex offender is barred from having a computer and going online for the next year after he pleaded guilty Wednesday afternoon to harassing young girls by contacting them on Facebook and Instagram even after they told him to stop. Sumner P. Swett of Owls Head was arrested by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and charged with harassment by telephone or by electronic communication device. Swett pleaded guilty to the charge on Wednesday. The district attorney’s office agreed to a deferred disposition in which for the next year, Swett will be required to undergo counseling, agree to random searches and be barred from having a computer or using the Internet. If he adheres to terms of those conditions, Swett will be sentenced to one year in jail with all but 30 days suspended. (read more at the Lincoln County News)

York Residents Glad Those Buildings Are Innovative “Affordable Housing,” Not Just an Apartment Building. Because That Would Be Tacky

york maine affordable housingYORK – With a median income of $81,000 and houses listed on for between $350,000 and more than $1 million, York can seem out of reach for many working families. But two developments in town are aimed at providing a more affordable solution for people. Work has already started on an affordable/workforce apartment and professional complex on Route 1, with the first phase of construction expected to be completed in late spring. Off of Turner Road in Cape Neddick, a 33-lot cluster subdivision is being built that will include five homes priced in the workforce housing range. These are the first such privately developed projects since the town’s workforce/affordable housing ordinance was passed in 2008. The York Housing Authority purchased the privately owned Carriage House Apartments in 2011 as a workforce housing complex, and built an 11-unit addition opened last year. “Maybe these are just anomalies, but I don’t think so,” said Town Manager Steve Burns, who credits the improving economy as the reason why these kinds of developments are becoming attractive. “We passed the ordinance during the depths of the recession. Things are changing. And I think these developments are going to help the public perception of housing in York.” (read more at Seacoast Online)

After Crushing Loss, Indianapolis Colts Present Evidence That the Grass at Gillette Stadium Is Fake

tom bradyNFL investigators met Tuesday with Patriots officials to determine whether footballs used in New England’s 45-7 victory against the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC championship game were not properly inflated, according to a person familiar with the league’s handling of the situation. And while the league indicated it may wrap up its investigation by week’s end, ESPN reported late Tuesday night that 11 of the 12 footballs that were used by the Patriots were under-inflated. An NFL spokesman, Michael Signora, said the league had “no comment at this time” about the report, which stated that the footballs were under-inflated by 2 pounds per square inch. Under NFL rules, game balls must be inflated to between 12.5-13.5 PSI. In-game officials inspect footballs two hours before kickoff and only give the balls to the respective teams 15 minutes before kickoff. Troy Vincent, the NFL’s executive vice president for football operations, told The Associated Press that the league’s “investigation is currently under way and we’re still awaiting findings.” (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Manager Says Hyatt Is Losing Money Because of Old Port Bar Noise, Not Because It Looks Like a Soviet Prison. It’s Totally Not That

portland maine hyatt hotelPORTLAND — A Portland hotel says its losing business because of noise from bars in the Old Port. The manager of Hyatt Place, Alen Saric, says he’s receiving noise complaints from guests. “It’s coming from the, typically from the speakers put outside, from the doors being left wide open and having the bass blast inside the clubs,” Saric said about the noise. He’s asking for changes to Portland’s sound ordinance. Right now the city allows up to 92 decibels. According to Purdue University, 90 decibels is about the sound of a lawn mower or a nearby motorcycle. “Boston allows 70 decibels during the day,” Saric said. “And from 11 p.m. until 7 a.m. they only allow 50 decibels.” Some local bar owners say the hotel could have prevented any issues with more soundproofing, knowing that this was an entertainment district. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Wiscasset Interim Pastor Lauded as Perfect for a Congregation That Just Doesn’t Give a Shit Anymore

wiscasset church pastorWiscasset First Congregational Church’s new interim minister Susan Craig believes mission work can be done anywhere, close to home or far away. For 11 years, she served with an evangelical reform church in Honduras that built a medical clinic and that helped provide people with housing, clean water and nutrition. The New Jersey-raised, longtime pastor is now focused on helping members of the First Congregational look to the church’s future. That’s a key function of the interim post. John Potter retired as minister in November 2014; Craig gave her first service there Jan. 4. Craig comes to the pillared church on the hill after serving as associate conference minister for United Church of Christ’s Maine Conference. Before that she spent about 20 years as a church pastor in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She welcomed the opportunity to serve in a local church again with the position in Wiscasset. It’s a type of work that she has great affection for, she said. It’s a temp job, but likely a lengthy one. She anticipates serving a year to a year and a half, long enough for the church to determine what it’s looking for in its next minister and find that person. “Interim ministry is very exciting work and very important work, as a church gets ready to take a next step in its history. So I was thrilled to have a chance to do it. (read more at Wiscasset NewsPaper)

Hillary Clinton’s Latest Makeover Expected to Lock Up the “Bag Lady Shouting at the Bus Stop” Vote

hillary clintonCORONADO, Calif. – Not yet in the presidential race, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Mitt Romney already are previewing the likely focus of the 2016 campaign, a competition over who’s better able to boost paychecks for working Americans. And that ostensibly populist message about wages and jobs for the middle-class? It’s what their potential rivals for the Democratic and Republican nominations – Jeb Bush and Elizabeth Warren, among them – are talking about, too. It started Friday afternoon, when Clinton, who has been mostly quiet over the past few weeks as a GOP field of more than two dozen potential candidates jockeyed for attention, sent her first tweet in more than a month: “Attacking financial reform is risky and wrong. Better for Congress to focus on jobs and wages for middle-class families.” Late Friday night, it was Romney’s turn. The wealthy former private equity chief sounded almost nothing like the Romney of 2012, when he told voters “corporations are people, my friend,” and said to a group of rich donors that when it comes to the 47 percent of Americans who don’t pay income taxes, “my job is not to worry about those people.” Said Romney on Friday, “Under President Obama, the rich have gotten richer, income inequality has gotten worse and there are more people in poverty than ever before.” (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Kennebunk Schools To Begin Advertising Brawndo. It’s Got Electrolytes

brawndoKENNEBUNK — The RSU 21 Board of Directors has unanimously approved the first reading of a new policy that would allow the district to accept corporate and business sponsorships not possible under current rules. The proposal, which gives the district the ability to collect donations of money and materials based on financial, as well as educational benefit, also shifts the approval process for related advertising from the school board to the superintendent. The current policy, last revised in 2012, requires a school board vote for any business sponsorship that involves a contract, or includes the display of advertising or sponsor logos for more than 30 days. The new policy, if adopted, would give the superintendent or a designee the authority to make deals for advertising on school property. The superintendent would need to “seek the guidance” of the school board only as he or she “deems appropriate.” The only formal requirement is that the superintendent must issue a “regular report” to the school board at undefined intervals “regarding advertising in the schools.” (read more at the Kennebunk Post)

Hollywood Casino Revenue Dips When A Guy Pays His Rent Instead

hollywood casinoBANGOR, Maine — Coming out of 2014 with a slight drop in net revenue, Hollywood Casino tried a 10-day experiment in which it kept its doors open around the clock. The test run didn’t yield the results casino officials hoped for, so the gambling facility has returned to its normal 19-hour day. “The biggest takeaway from our 24-hour experiment was that customers in Eastern Maine are content with our existing hours of 8 a.m.-3 a.m. daily at Hollywood Casino,” casino General Manager Jose Flores said in an email earlier this week. “Those who did come during the late-night hours we are not normally open had a great time, but the vast majority of our customers visit during our normal operating hours.” The trial run stretched from the day after Christmas through Jan. 3. Flores declined to say how many patrons the casino saw during those off-hours, or how much the casino brought in between the hours of 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. compared to normal hours of operation. Hollywood Casino’s main competition, Oxford Casino, which is about a two-hour drive south on Interstate 95, has been a 24-hour operation since it opened for business in the summer of 2012. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Pleasant Ridge Plantation Fire Department’s “Save the Basement” Strategy Works Like a Charm

pleasant ridge fire departmentPLEASANT RIDGE PLANTATION — Herbert Hingley, a retired builder, was asleep at his home early Wednesday morning when he heard his dog Babe barking. Babe, a Brittany spaniel who is less than a year old, jumped on her owner and started pawing at his face to get him out of bed. When he finally woke up, 73-year-old Hingley realized his house was on fire and was filling with smoke. “She’s a young dog, but she’s smart,” Hingley said. “She came in whacking me with her paws like she does when she wants to go out. She knew there was something wrong, so she came over to get me.” The fire at 205 Rowe Pond Road, which Hingley reported from a neighbor’s house around 2:30 a.m., destroyed the house that he remodeled himself about 10 years ago and many of his belongings inside. But Hingley and Babe, as well as nine other hunting dogs that Hingley keeps in a kennel outside, were unharmed. (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

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