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McDonald’s Tries To Woo Customers Back By Instructing Workers To Throw The Food Out The Hole In The Wall Underhand From Now On

mcdonalds workersInside this nondescript warehouse some 30 minutes from McDonald’s suburban Chicago headquarters, uniformed crew members cook burgers, sling fries and hand food to customers. But here, cashiers accept fake money. Workers and customers wear tracking chips to record their movements. And customers mimic going through the drive-thru in plastic chairs, not cars. Welcome to the Innovation Center, where the world’s largest fast-food operator studies, dissects and tweaks current routines as well as proposed ideas that could quicken the operations at some 34,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. The center is far enough from McDonald’s headquarters that it can run on its own, yet close enough for interaction when needed, said Laurie Gilbert, a 22-year McDonald’s veteran who is vice president of restaurant innovation. “There was a very intentional decision made not to have it be right there, so we could create a bit of a different culture, have a safe place to experiment and learn,” Gilbert said. “Make no mistake, it’s McDonald’s through and through, you can feel it. And yet, with our own flavor.”Opened in 2001, the Innovation Center brings together a variety of players, from engineers, researchers and designers to visiting vendors and franchisees, as they work to improve the burger giant’s service. (read more at the Portland Press Herald)

Rockport Fire Department’s Save The Basement Strategy Works Like A Charm

rockport maine fireROCKPORT, Maine — A fire destroyed a Rockport home Thursday night despite the efforts of firefighting crews from the region. The home at 6 Wellington Drive is considered a total loss, said Rockport Fire Chief Jason Peasley. He said the cause is not yet known because of the extensive destruction, but that the state fire marshal’s office plans to send an investigator Friday morning to help try to determine the origin. There were no injuries. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Police Discover The Last Person In The Country Who Wants To Talk To President Obama

white house fenceWASHINGTON — A man jumped the White House fence on Wednesday evening and was attacked by Secret Service dogs before being arrested, a Secret Service spokesman said. “Dogs got him,” the spokesman said, referring to the intruder. Video showed Secret Service agents surrounding the man on the north lawn of the White House, which was put on lockdown for about 90 minutes. The man punched one of the dogs that attacked him, as seen in the video. The incident came roughly a month after an intruder armed with a knife scaled the White House fence and made it inside the executive mansion, raising questions about security levels at the heavily guarded complex and spurring the resignation of then-Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. The man climbed the fence around 7:15 p.m. and was apprehended shortly thereafter.  (keep reading at the Bangor Daily News)

100 Percent Of Audience At Spamalot Performance There To Make Sure The Cast Recites The Words Perfectly

spamalot in ellsworthThere’s musical comedy, and then there’s “Spamalot.” The sublime lunacy of the Monty Python-inspired musical, written by Eric Idle and Neil Innes and based on the 1975 film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” makes it perhaps the silliest musical of all time. That’s why directors Ken Stack and Mike Weinstein and musical director Scott Cleveland chose “Spamalot” as the first in-house production for The Grand theater in Ellsworth in more than five years. Stack, director of Acadia Repertory Theatre, and Weinstein, who directed last year’s Bangor Community Theatre production of “White Christmas,” knew that for The Grand’s first theatrical go-round in years they’d need to start off with a bang. “They wanted something that would be fun, that would excite a lot of people, and judging from early ticket sales that seems to be the case,” said Weinstein, a veteran of theater in eastern Maine. “I would also say that the vast majority of people who came out to audition were Monty Python fans. They understand the sensibility and the silliness of it.” Grand executive director Gail La Rosa Thompson made it a priority to bring musical theater back to The Grand stage. Weinstein eagerly jumped on board to direct, along with Stack, who designed the sets and offered initial artistic direction. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Striking Fairpoint Workers Unsure How To Do Nothing On Their Own Time

striking fairpoint workersThe parking lot at FairPoint’s call center on Riverside Drive in Portland was still empty at about 10 a.m. Friday. In the coming weeks and months, who might pull into those and other parking spaces at FairPoint offices around the state is one of the biggest questions ahead for about 800 of the company’s Maine workers who went on strike at midnight Friday. Throughout the morning, union officials said they did not see replacement workers heading to any of Maine’s FairPoint offices, but the company has said it has plans in place to continue service during the strike and previously lined up temporary employees. Randall Curtis, a picket captain in Bangor for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, said he’s worried about new out-of-state hires crossing the picket line, especially since “this could last a day, a week or a month.” “The company has been saying all this time that they have a trained workforce in place. But if you call customer service, you’ll see that is not the case,” Curtis said. “Some don’t even know what company they’re working for. One said, ‘Thanks for calling Fairbanks,’ instead of FairPoint.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

University Of Southern Maine Faculty Member To Perform Brahms Third Racket

laura kargulSince 1989, Laura Kargul has directed the piano program at the University of Southern Maine School of Music and performed each fall in its Faculty Concert Series. I’ve attended at least half of these concerts, and I’ve already reserved my tickets for this Friday’s, which will mark Kargul’s 25th anniversary at USM. I am one of many who consider Kargul’s annual fall performance to be one of the high points of Maine’s cultural calendar. With a long history of bookings in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Kargul is known as a preeminent interpreter of 19th-century Romantic composers. For her 25th, she’s chosen a program of personal favorite works. Before intermission, she will perform several works by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms that are seldom heard today. The second half will feature the Sonata in B Minor by Franz Liszt, which has always been an audience favorite. (read more at The Forecaster)

Obama Takes Extreme Measures To Counter Ebola Threat, Like Refusing To Shake Hands On The Eighteenth Green Until It Blows Over

obama counters ebola threatWASHINGTON — Rising public anxiety about the Ebola virus has forced the White House to shift into crisis mode and cancel two days of planned political events as President Barack Obama strives to show he has control over stopping the spread of the deadly disease. Just three weeks ahead of critical midterm elections, Obama is facing increased pressure from Republican critics. They say he has been too slow to protect Americans, drawing parallels to what they have described as foot-dragging on dealing with the threat from Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria. Democrats who are at risk of losing control of the Senate in the November elections are worried that public concerns over Obama’s management of Ebola could hurt them, too. Obama’s job approval ratings are at 39 percent, according to Reuters-Ipsos polls in the first week of October. “At a time in which his job approval rating is quite low and his party is suffering because of it, I think that this is just one more cut in what’s turned out to be the death by a thousand cuts for President Obama,” said Ross Baker, a political scientists at Rutgers. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Police Say Mexico Man Achieved The Rare 13th Step In The AA Program

wilfred merrillPARIS — Police said a 50-year-old Mexico man is charged with trying to strangle a speaker at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting Monday night. Wilfred T. Merrill of Mexico Avenue is charged with felony aggravated assault, refusal to submit to arrest, attempting to elude an officer, criminal speeding and operating after suspension, according to a complaint Mexico police filed with a court clerk.  Merrill was arrested on Route 2 in Rumford on Monday night, police Chief Roy Hodsdon said, and made an initial appearance in Rumford District Court on Tuesday afternoon. Hodsdon said Merrill was attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Mexico around 7:30 p.m. Monday when he assaulted an elderly man. After the two were separated, Merrill fled on foot. According to Hodsdon’s affidavit filed in Oxford County Superior Court in Paris, the victim told police he was speaking to the group when Merrill approached and tried to strangle him. There was no direct communication between the two before the assault, the affidavit said. (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

Undecided Maine Voters Waiting For Debates For Guidance On Farting And Chewing Gum At The Same Time

Susan CollinsDAMARISCOTTA, Maine — Jim Stewart of Casco, who remembers standing in a ballot box in 2004 wrestling with whether to vote for John Kerry or George W. Bush for president, must be among the tiniest subset of a subset of the Maine electorate: He can’t decide between Republican Paul LePage and Democrat Mike Michaud for governor. There is little political common ground between Republicans and Democrats in Maine, especially when it comes to the gubernatorial race, but Stewart considers himself someone for whom party labels don’t matter. He’s hoping to hear something later this week that convinces him to vote for LePage or Michaud when the two appear together on stage — along with independent Eliot Cutler — for this year’s first televised gubernatorial debate. “I’m looking forward to the debates,” Stewart, a longtime unenrolled voter, said. “I want to hear what they have to say.” The first televised debate is scheduled for Wednesday evening. Two more are scheduled for next week, including an Oct. 20 event hosted by CBS 13 and the Bangor Daily News. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Terry Pegula Gives The NFL One Star On Yelp

terry and kim pegulaORCHARD PARK, New York — Terry and Kim Pegula now own the Buffalo Bills on paper. Tom Brady still owns them on the field. The New England Patriots quarterback passed for 361 yards and four touchdowns Sunday in a 37-22 win over Buffalo at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Brady is now 23-2 in his career against the Bills. “You’ve got to give credit to the whole offense,” Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. “We did a decent job of blocking up front, gave Tom enough time. The receivers made some good plays. Tom made some good reads and some good throws. It took everybody working together out there today. It’s not a one-man band.” Wide receiver Brandon LaFell caught two touchdown passes and Stephen Gostkowski kicked three field goals of more than 40 yards as the Patriots (4-2) claimed sole possession of first place in the AFC East. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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