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Builder of Eco-Friendly House Say He Briefly Considered Installing a Door, But Decided He Couldn’t Risk It

ecofriendly house in maineBut while the building’s exterior design may leave some scratching their heads, it’s what goes on inside the house that will turn heads. The building, called the Viridescent House, is the latest addition to the TideSmart Global campus at 380 U.S. Route 1, and it shares the same ambition: sustainability. TideSmart, an eco-friendly marketing firm, last week received its second Excellence Award for best practices in ecological preservation for businesses from regional waste management company ecomaine, for the Viridescent House. TideSmart President and CEO Steve Woods, a Yarmouth resident who is also a columnist for The Forecaster, said the house will be “the most energy-efficient building in all of Maine.” The passive house requires very little energy for heating or cooling the space. The mono-pitched roof is completely covered in solar panels, and the building is oriented towards the sun to maximize solar heat gain. “There’s no boiler, no furnace, no oil, no propane, no natural gas. It all operates off a heat pump,” Woods said. “… Solar panels will generate more energy than the building itself will use.” As a result, the house is considered net positive. (read more at The Forecaster)

Maine to Receive Yet Another Foot of Snow. Meteorologists Wonder How This Might Affect New York City

monmouth maine public worksPublic works crews already bleary-eyed after digging out from Tuesday’s blizzard are making the coffee a little stronger as they ramp up for another storm that promises to dump up to a foot of snow on the region. “This is what we do,” Monmouth Public Works Director Bruce Balfour said Thursday. “We take it as it comes.” Meteorologist Mike Kistner, of the National Weather Service in Gray, said the Augusta and Waterville areas should get 6 to 12 inches during a storm that’s expected to begin around daybreak Friday and run through early Saturday. “It will pick up intensity in the early afternoon to mid-afternoon,” Kistner said. “It should be snowing at a pretty good rate.” The storm will lighten around midnight and wind down on Saturday, leaving a few lingering snow showers as it pulls off the coast. The weather service, which has issued a winter storm warning for the entire state, expects temperatures to be in the 20s with wind gusts up to 30 mph and visibility reduced to a quarter-mile or less at times. The temperatures will be warmer than during Tuesday’s storm, which has benefits, Augusta Public Works Director Lesley Jones said. (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Wiscasset Interim Pastor Lauded as Perfect for a Congregation That Just Doesn’t Give a Shit Anymore

wiscasset church pastorWiscasset First Congregational Church’s new interim minister Susan Craig believes mission work can be done anywhere, close to home or far away. For 11 years, she served with an evangelical reform church in Honduras that built a medical clinic and that helped provide people with housing, clean water and nutrition. The New Jersey-raised, longtime pastor is now focused on helping members of the First Congregational look to the church’s future. That’s a key function of the interim post. John Potter retired as minister in November 2014; Craig gave her first service there Jan. 4. Craig comes to the pillared church on the hill after serving as associate conference minister for United Church of Christ’s Maine Conference. Before that she spent about 20 years as a church pastor in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. She welcomed the opportunity to serve in a local church again with the position in Wiscasset. It’s a type of work that she has great affection for, she said. It’s a temp job, but likely a lengthy one. She anticipates serving a year to a year and a half, long enough for the church to determine what it’s looking for in its next minister and find that person. “Interim ministry is very exciting work and very important work, as a church gets ready to take a next step in its history. So I was thrilled to have a chance to do it. (read more at Wiscasset NewsPaper)

Native Fort Kent Medium Helps People Get In Touch With Their Dead Paychecks

fort kent mediumFORT KENT, Maine — Like Demi Moore’s character in the 1990 movie “Ghost,” pretty much anyone who has lost a loved one would give anything for just more more chance to talk to them. In the movie, Whoopi Goldberg plays a reluctant medium who in the end opens a channel for Moore’s character to say a final goodbye to her deceased boyfriend. Far from the silver screen, Jocelyn Boucher is a real-life certified psychic medium who has helped hundreds of people communicate with their dearly departed. “There is an afterlife,” Boucher, who calls herself “ The North Shore Medium,” said in a recent telephone interview from her Massachusetts home. “Life does exist beyond this one. Our loved ones who have crossed over are in energy fields [and] it gives people hope to reconnect and know their deceased loved ones are safe.” Stressing she is not a fortune teller, Boucher, 38, a native of Fort Kent, says by communicating with those who have died, she has proven the continuity of life and energy beyond death. (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

Date For Psychic Fair Needs To Be Announced For Some Reason

psychic and paranormal fairePROSPECT, Maine — When Canaan resident Kate Schuyler lost her grandmother recently at the age of 95, she discussed contacting a psychic with her mom because they both still felt their loved one’s presence. “We want to know if she’s around,” she said Saturday while waiting outside the Fort Knox officer’s quarters for a psychic to give her a reading. “She was a very strong person and had a strong presence in our family,” Schuyler said of her grandmother, Mary. She said it must have been fate that she stopped by Fort Knox on Saturday with her husband, Bill, who is from Wyoming and discovered the Psychic and Paranormal Faire. People who believe in the unusual — UFOs, Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster or ghosts — got a chance to get up-close and personal with experts in the field, including psychics, Tarot card readers, two different groups of ghost hunters and authors on the subjects of the supernatural, abnormal and paranormal. The two-day faire also runs from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Breast Cancer Survivors Can Have Walk For Motorcyclists With Head Injuries Next Year, I Guess

motorcycleWINDHAM, Maine — Four people were hurt, some critically, after two motorcycles collided Saturday afternoon on the River Road in Windham during a charity ride. The rider and passenger on each bike were thrown to the pavement after the 1:15 p.m. collision, according to Sgt. Peter Fulton of the Windham Police Department. Police are not releasing the names of those injured until family members can be notified, he said. They were among 120 motorcycles taking part in the fifth annual motorcycle run organized by non-profit group Bikers Against Breast Cancer, Maine. The ride which began Saturday morning in Buxton. (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Boothbay Harbor Man Wins Raffle Prize Of A Trip To Salento, Italy, And Can’t Wait To Try The Olive Garden There

Reading the newspaper. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorUpon hearing he won the drawing for the luxury guest house in sunny Salento, Apulia in southern Italy, Alden Jordan fell over backwards while reaching for his Italian dictionary. OK, so he didn’t react quite that way, but he said he was surprised to win. The Heartwood Regional Theater Company’s European raffle drawing was held on April 4 at the company’s Damariscotta office. And Jordan wasn’t the only winner from the Boothbay region. Trevett resident Marianne Reynolds’ ticket was also drawn. Reynolds will be vacationing in Les Carroz, French Alps in an inviting chalet. “This is great. It’s one of those things, you know … you buy a ticket but you never think you’re really going to win anything,” Jordan said. He actually bought two tickets (the day before the drawing) according to Joy Braley, executive director of Heartwood. “Our board member Becky Recor was promoting the raffle right up to the last hours. She ran into Alden in a hardware store I believe, and convinced him to enter,” Braley said. (read more at Wiscasset Newspaper)

Parishioner Who Only Attends Mass On Christmas And Easter Desperately Trying To Remember What The Hell The Stations Of Lacrosse Are

Stations of LacrosseChristians across Maine gathered in their local churches Friday for a series of liturgies marking the passion and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Good Friday services are part of the Holy Week rites that began with Palm Sunday and conclude with the celebration of the Resurrection on Sunday. At St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Gardiner, part of St. Michael Parish, Deacon Jeff Lewis and Clarence McKay led about 75 parishioners through the 14 Stations of the Cross, moving around the interior of the church, praying and singing at each as they depict Calvary, the crucifixion and the entombment of Christ. (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Lecturer At Women’s Wellness Event Tactfully Avoids Mentioning Everyone In The Audience Looks Like 10 Pounds Of Suet In A 5 Pound Bag

World Of Women's WellnessWATERVILLE — One by one, Ellen Thorne dumped 11 teaspoons of sugar into a small empty apple juice container, the mound of sugar at the bottom representing how much was in one serving of what’s typically considered a healthy beverage. Thorne, 21, a University of Maine at Farmington student, and fellow volunteer and UMF student Jenna Williams explained the eye-opening reaction Saturday at Thomas College from people watching the demonstration, especially parents, when they saw the amount of sugar in the variety of soft drinks and juices spread out on the table. “It’s important to have that interaction between age groups on these health issues,” Williams, 21, said. “Just by seeing it like this really shows them the problem.” The demonstration by the two nutrition students was one of dozens at the 17th annual Inland Hospital World of Women’s Wellness event, a daylong affair that promotes healthy living and medical advice to hundreds of women each year. About 500 people attended, officials said. “It’s a place where women can get together under one roof and find local resources and good and reliable health information,” said Sara Dyer, Inland’s director of community relations. Dozens of community organizations donated time and resources, including eye screenings from Kennebec Eye Care and Walmart; healthful eating and lifestyle information from Hannaford Bros., Champions Fitness Club and Barrels Community Market; and several opportunities to be pampered, including massages from Agora Salon and Day Spa and hair styling from Prime Cut Salon. (read more at the Kennebec Journal)

Local Mental Illness Group Says Suicide Prevention Is An Idea So Crazy It Just Might Work

Reading the newspaper. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorDIXFIELD — The National Alliance on Mental Illness Family Support Group will host a public forum from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 25, to discuss suicide prevention and awareness with parents, school staff, businesses and organizations. It will be held in the cafeteria of Dirigo High School. Dottie Adams of Hanover, who works with the NAMI Maine Combined Support Group in Rumford, said this is the first time the group has done a public presentation in the region. “We were looking for ways to get out there, speak to people and lessen the stigma of mental illness,” Adams said Monday. “We decided that for our first educational night, we would focus on suicide, as it’s such a part of this area. We’re hoping to help people understand it a little better.” (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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