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Deadly Evil Kayaks Of Deathly Doom Almost Claim Another Victim

Brewer kayak rescueOLD TOWN, Maine — A Brewer woman who went kayaking on Pushaw Stream with her sister Wednesday capsized just before noon and got swept away by fast-moving water that pinned her against a submerged tree branch, a game warden said. Melissa “Missie” McLaughlin, 43, “was submerged from her belly down,” Lt. Dan Scott of the Maine Warden Service said shortly after she was freed from the water. McLaughlin capsized shortly after the sisters left the boat launch on West Old Town Road, also known as Route 43, which is near the Alton town line. Her sister, Shelley Fahey of Bangor, called for help at about 11:20 a.m. “She was caught in what we call a strainer — it’s basically a tree that is down in the river and the current forces you up against it and you’re basically pinned there,” Scott said of McLaughlin. “It’s a very serious situation, especially given the recent rain.” “When we got on scene, she was still trapped there,” he added later. “She did have a life jacket on and that probably saved her life.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)

Evil Deadly Kayaks Of Doom Almost Claim Another Victim

Deadly kayaks of doom. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorWINTER HARBOR — Police responded at 8:30 p.m. Aug. 26 to reports of cries for help coming offshore along Summer Harbor Road. Police said the person in trouble was a 72-year-old Rhode Island man who was fishing from a kayak when it capsized. Passing fishermen rescued the man and brought him to shore, police said. (read more at Fenceviewer)

Interestingly, “Naples Sea Doo Explosion” Is The Name Of My Captain And Tennille Tribute Band. But I Digress

Naples Sea Doo ExplosionNAPLES – A Massachusetts man was injured late Saturday afternoon when his personal watercraft exploded. Karl Marchionda, 31, of Danvers was injured after attempting to start the vehicle after fueling approximately 10 gallons of gas into a Sea Doo GTX155 PWC at Long Lake Marina, according to a release from the Maine Warden Service. Marchionda attempted to start the PWC and it exploded while he was seated on the machine in the water. (read more at KeepMECurrent)

Deadly Kayaks Of Doom Pamphlet Reminds Potential Victims That Drowning Is Bad

LAMOINE, Maine — The summer of 2011 was a deadly one for kayakers in Hancock County, where three people died while paddling in coastal bays or ponds. A year later, their deaths have not been forgotten. Two local residents, one of them the owner of a kayak rental business, are producing information cards that will be handed out to visitors to Lamoine State Park who arrive with kayaks or canoes in tow. The purpose of the cards, Diane Sanderson said Sunday, is to raise awareness about safety precautions paddlers should take when they venture out on the water, especially on the ocean. She said the cards are forthright about the risks of kayaking, and even warns that people have died while paddling on the ocean. “Wear your life jacket, No. 1,” Sanderson said, describing the information on the cards. It also cautions paddlers to take only ocean-worthy vessels out on the water and has a map of water bodies near the park. (read more at BangorDailyNews)

Auburn Kayak Pushers Lure Unsuspecting Innocents Down To The River With Their Evil Killer Kayaks Of Deadly Doom

AUBURN — Declaring, “the Androscoggin has been reborn,” the owner of a Bethel company is opening a kayak and canoe rental business downtown, with boats launching behind Gritty’s pub. “There are wonderful trails along the river, there are now access points. Now we need to make it possible and easy for people to recreate,” Jeff Parsons, owner of Bethel Outdoor Adventure & Campground with wife, Pattie, said. “People will be able to nip down and rent a canoe or a kayak for an hour or two and go have fun on a fun stretch of the river,” he said. Auburn Mayor Jonathan LaBonte, executive director of the Androscoggin Land Trust and a longtime river advocate, reached out to Parsons. “We’ve been fielding at our (ALT) office five to 10 calls a week of people looking for boats,” LaBonte said. “I think the market’s calling for it.” Parsons said the timing worked. After a decades-long effort, the Androscoggin River is clean, and the fishing good. “The river is back,” he said. (read more at LewistonSunJournal)

Deadly Evil Murderous Kayaks Of Doom Almost Claim Another Victim

STRONG — Clinging to a tree amid the rain-swollen Sandy River, Bob Cavaliere didn’t think he would survive what started out Tuesday as an adventurous solo kayak trip to celebrate his 50th birthday. Surging rapids had just flipped his kayak, dumping him into shockingly cold water. He struggled against the current for seemingly an eternity before managing to grasp onto the tree. Hands shivering, Cavaliere, of Wilton, pulled a cellphone from a plastic bag in his pocket. He called a couple friends who had planned to pick him up downstream and then dialed 911, but was unable to tell them exactly where he was stranded. As his friends and emergency responders frantically searched for him, Cavaliere waited alone in the waning sunlight and prayed he would get a chance to see his three sons and many friends again. Then he heard a faint siren in the distance and started to help emergency dispatchers guide firefighters to him as the sound grew louder. “I was just praying to Jesus Christ that he wouldn’t let me perish on my birthday,” he said Wednesday. “The sound of that horn was like trumpets from heaven blowing.” (read more at MorningSentinel)

Deadly Evil Kayaks Of Deadly Death May Have Claimed Another Victim

SCARBOROUGH — Coast Guard officials said they found a kayaker who had been reported missing earlier today, but the man’s condition and identity are unknown. The Coast Guard found the man, who had left Scarborough Marsh earlier today, intending to kayak to Bluff’s Island, around 7 p.m., about a half-mile off Higgins Beach. The man was spotted by Coast Guard searchers in a helicopter, Lt. Nick Barrow said. A Coast Guard rescue boat and a Scarborough Marine Unit were directed to the man’s location, he said, and the kayaker was taken aboard the Coast Guard boat. (read more at PortlandPressHerald)

Hancock Property Owner May Be Sued Over Deadly Evil Kayak Of Doom

HANCOCK, Maine — If someone dies using someone else’s property, is the property owner to blame? A California woman who owns a property at Hancock Point is hoping to have that questioned answered before she might face a lawsuit over the death of a Massachusetts man who rented her cabin last summer. Eric Hogan, 28, of Webster, Mass., was on his honeymoon last June when he died after paddling a kayak owned by Judith L. Bell of Aromas, Calif., out into Frenchman Bay. Hogan and his new wife, Sarah Kellogg Hogan, had been married for three weeks and a day when he stood on solid ground for the last time. The young couple had gotten engaged while visiting Acadia National Park in August 2009. After getting married in Massachusetts on May 28, 2011, the bride and groom traveled back to Hancock County to stay in Bell’s rental cabin at Hancock Point, overlooking Sorrento Harbor to the east. On Sunday, June 19, the day the newlyweds planned to return home, Eric got up early and donned shorts and a life jacket but no shirt and paddled out into Frenchman Bay. Hours later, after wind gusts of 30 mph and water temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees prevented him from returning to shore, the 28-year-old doctoral student was found dead, floating in the water off the Bar Harbor village of Hulls Cove. (read more at BangorDailyNews)

Many Apprentice Boat Builders Survive Launching Their Completed Boats In Rockland

ROCKLAND — Seven graduates of the Apprentice Shop boat builder’s school launched several completed boats following an informal ceremony at the shop off Main Street on December 16. It was a clear, crisp Friday afternoon when family and friends gathered on the school’s pier to witness the launch of these boats. Apprentice boat builders started work on the following six boats this fall: The 12-foot Barnegat Bay Duck Boat, described by instructors as a “skimming dish” sailboat, and commissioned by Willette Brown of Union to race in the “World Ducks” race off Menoken, New Jersey; a 15-foot Maine Lighthouse Peapod for the US Coastguard, modeled after an older boat that had been provided; the restoration of a 12–foot Alden Indian class racing sloop; an AS17 work skiff, built for the Apprentice Shop to use; and two Susan skiffs, which at the time of the graduation were available for sale. Before launching these boats, graduates took part in an informal ceremony inside the boat builder’s shop, which included a presentation of gifts from instructors, parting words, and the peculiar tradition of nailing old shoes to the shop walls. (CoastalJournal)

Damariscotta Kicks Off Death Panels By Luring Seniors Into The Water In Deadly Evil Kayaks Of Doom

DAMARISCOTTA — Spectrum Generations Coastal Community Center will hold a kayaking trip on the Pemiquid River on Sunday, giving participants the chance to spend a fun fall day on the water. Peter Lawrence, a board member of the Pemaquid Watershed Association, will lead the trip set to coincide with Spectrum Generations’ Active Aging Week. (BangorDailyNews)

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