The Biggest Number the Mechanic Can Think of Is Lowest in Maine

car repair costs

car repair costsA new study finds Maine has the second-lowest car repair costs in the nation, when it comes to vehicle problems associated with the “check engine” light. According to a study released Thursday by, the average cost for such car repairs in Maine was $289.56 per transaction in 2011. That was 13 percent below the national average of $333.93. And, according to the study, it was a 16 percent decrease in Maine from 2010, when the average cost was $344.68. The database analyzed more than 160,000 repairs with “check engine” problems from repair shops around the country. Repairs flagged with the “check engine” light cover about 80 percent of the systems on all vehicles, according to the study. (read more about car repair costs in Maine at (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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