Cape Elizabeth Land Trust Purchases 60 More Acres Of Nothing And Nobody, Nowhere, With Trees On It, Because Maine’s About To Run Out Of That

Robinson Woods land trust in Cape Elizabeth

Robinson Woods land trust in Cape ElizabethCAPE ELIZABETH — More than 60 acres were added to 80-acre Robinson Woods Tuesday afternoon when the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust closed on the $1.1 million acquisition of Robinson Woods II. The trust completed the funding at the end of September, raising $1.2 million, and bought the land after working to organize the purchase for about five years.The remaining $100,000 will be used for the ongoing needs of the property. “Strategic land conservation requires a number of things,” trust President Ted Darling said Tuesday, noting more than 250 organizations donated to the cause. “… It requires patience, perseverance and participation in the political process. The public outpouring of support was really far-reaching and we greatly appreciated that.” The woodlands contain valuable habitat for waterfowl and wading birds, and about a mile of trails that are part of the town’s 7.5-mile Greenbelt network, which runs from Fort Williams Park to Kettle Cove. (read more at The Forecaster)