Cape Elizabeth Home School Students Wonder if the Library Needs an Addition, as They’re the Only People Who Go There


home schoolChris and Nicole McCarthy moved to Cape Elizabeth less than 10 months ago from the suburbs of Houston, Texas. On May 31, they brought their daughters, Madison, 8, and Hope, 11, to Cape Elizabeth Town Hall as part of the girls’ home school education. Chris and Nicole wanted the girls to experience what a small town political meeting was like. But fittingly, Madison and Hope, who both said they use the library frequently when they run out of books, said they spent the majority of their time at the meeting reading. The McCarthys were four of about 70 people who filled town council chambers at the public engagement meeting to speak their minds and listen to new building ideas for a $6 million project to expand and renovate Thomas Memorial Library. (read more at the South Portland Sentry)

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