Bullying Victim Signals She’s Ready to Begin Her Life of Endless Praise Without Merit Now

Facebook ducklips picture

Facebook ducklips pictureSCARBOROUGH – When the online taunts started, Amanda Tyson ate to dull the pain. As classmates at Scarborough Middle School continued to lob hateful comments her way and checked the tags of her shirts to see what size she wore, Tyson ate even more. Previously only a little heavier than her classmates, she weighed 205 pounds by time she was 13 and the number only crept higher from there. She had so little self-confidence she couldn’t motivate herself to lose weight and nearly gave up on her dream of visiting California. “It tore me down to a place no one should ever be,” Tyson said. “The bullying that happened in sixth grade has affected me for my whole life. Even when I wasn’t bullied, I’d think ‘these people hate me.'” Today, more than 10 years later, Tyson is fighting back against the lasting effects of being bullied by finding self-confidence, losing weight and spreading her own message to “be kind.” She got an unexpected boost last month when nearly a half-million strangers “liked” a photo of herself in a bathing suit she posted on Facebook (read more at the Portland Press Herald)