Builder of Eco-Friendly House Say He Briefly Considered Installing a Door, But Decided He Couldn’t Risk It

ecofriendly house in maine

ecofriendly house in maineBut while the building’s exterior design may leave some scratching their heads, it’s what goes on inside the house that will turn heads. The building, called the Viridescent House, is the latest addition to the TideSmart Global campus at 380 U.S. Route 1, and it shares the same ambition: sustainability. TideSmart, an eco-friendly marketing firm, last week received its second Excellence Award for best practices in ecological preservation for businesses from regional waste management company ecomaine, for the Viridescent House. TideSmart President and CEO Steve Woods, a Yarmouth resident who is also a columnist for The Forecaster, said the house will be “the most energy-efficient building in all of Maine.” The passive house requires very little energy for heating or cooling the space. The mono-pitched roof is completely covered in solar panels, and the building is oriented towards the sun to maximize solar heat gain. “There‚Äôs no boiler, no furnace, no oil, no propane, no natural gas. It all operates off a heat pump,” Woods said. “… Solar panels will generate more energy than the building itself will use.” As a result, the house is considered net positive. (read more at The Forecaster)