Brunswick School Superintendent Says He’ll Make Up The $5600 He Sent To Non-Existent Company As Soon As His Friend The Nigerian Prince Gets Back To Him

Classroom. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorBRUNSWICK — The School Department is out more than $5,600 after the company it hired to manage substitute teachers apparently disappeared. Superintendent of Schools Paul Perzanoski on Wednesday said he has been unable to reach anyone at Syracuse, N.Y.-based Central Xchange, which provided an online service called Sub-IT to match schools with qualified substitute teachers. “Back in September … they said ‘we’re having some problems, it’s going to take us a little while to fix it,” Perzanoski told the School Board. “… To make a long story short, after two weeks of trying to e-mail and call the company, we ended up calling the original number and it ended up being a car wash business in Los Angeles.” (read more, if you were homeschooled and can read, at The Forecaster)