Brunswick Police Station Coming In Under Budget; Contractors Used To Working In Massachusetts Confused By Lack Of Demands For Bribes

construction surveyor. Maine news from The Rumford MeteorBRUNSWICK — The ultimate cost of the new police station could drop after bids from subcontractors were lower than expected, Town Manager Gary Brown said Monday. The winning bids totaled about $4.58 million, Brown said, or more than $52,000 less than an estimate in August. He said the new figure is final until any change orders are made. The winning bids represent subcontractors chosen by Brown, architects Donham & Sweeney, and construction contractors Ledgewood Construction. “We’re feeling better about it than we were in September,” Brown said. Brown said the new figure has not changed the project’s total $5.6 million budget, but allows a higher contingency fund of about $371,000, or 7 percent of the project’s total costs. (read more at The Fenceviewer)