Bowdoin Students Pledge to Fight Against Corporate Greed Until Google or Apple Offers Them a Job

bowdoin studentsA month after Occupy Bowdoin’s posters first appeared, the group will host a “teach-in” on Tuesday, November 29 at 4 p.m. in Smith Auditorium. The event will feature brief addresses by various professors, and a local representative from Occupy Brunswick. A representative from the American Civil Liberties Union may also speak, but has yet to be confirmed. The floor will then be opened to general discussion. Organizer Robbie Benson ’15 said he hopes that the event will provide a forum for students to discuss their opinions on the movement and encourage further dialogue about the issue around campus. “This is an opportunity for people to ask questions,” said Benson. “I have questions too. Hopefully, if we’re all together, we can help each other introduce questions and all move forward.” (read more about Bowdoin students and the Occupy movement at the BowdoinOrient)

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