Blessed Are The Screenmakers: For They Shall Be Shown To The Children Of Charleston


wacky-pastorsCHARLESTON, Maine — The Epic Center features panoramic screens and theater-grade lighting and sports multimedia capabilities. Yet it was not designed for entirely secular purposes. The 12,000-square-foot building, set to open Tuesday, will serve as the youth ministry center at Charleston Pentecostal Church. It may be the only church building of its kind in the state designed to minister to youth, senior pastor Matt Ward said Sunday. For the congregation, the expansion was a necessity, he said. Attendance among children ages 2 to 10 increased from 100 a week in 2007 to 175 a week in 2012, according to Ward. About 120 teens currently are involved in the church’s youth program, which has been using the church’s fellowship hall for several years. “Charleston Church continues its strong emphasis on serving youth,” Walter Young, vice chairman of the church’s board of directors, said of the new center. “We’ve grown to the point that we’ve expanded our facilities.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)