Biddeford Economic Development Director Says Theoretical Jobs and Imaginary Tax Revenue Are Much Better Than Regular Old Jobs and Money

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economic development directorBIDDEFORD — The City of Biddeford is poised to purchase and close the Maine Energy Recovery Company waste-to-energy incinerator for $6.65 million over 20 years. A deal is in place and all that’s needed now is city council approval.  Although the immediate effects would be lost tax revenue for the city, which would impact property owners’ tax bills, and a loss of local jobs, in the long term, closing the incinerator would be a boon for the city, said Economic Development Director Daniel Stevenson. Over time, more redevelopment in the city would take place, he said. This would bring increased tax revenue, which could lighten the burden for some property owners.  (read more at the the Journal Tribune)

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