Bethel Libraries Tout Cutting-Edge Features Like Cathode Ray Tube Monitors and Sticky Keyboards From That Weird Dude That Just Left

Bethel library

Bethel libraryRequesting an e-book through a home computer. Reserving a hard copy book through a website. Parking outside the library to check e-mail. Modern library-goers in the Bethel area have options to choose from that readers of 30 years ago likely never imagined. Although the Bethel libraries still have stacks and stacks of books on shelves, the digital age has crept quietly into the way readers, and librarians, use the time-honored institutions. When Bethel librarian Michelle Conroy took the job 17 years ago, “The catalog was on hand-written cards,” she said. Today, patrons can check for books on the library’s website from their cell phones or laptops and reserve them, if they like. If a book is not available immediately, the patron gets an e-mail notification when it is. (read more at the Bethel Citizen)

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