Bethel Environmentalists Do What They Do Best

Bethel layabouts try supine whining this time

Bethel layabouts try supine whining this timeFifty people turned out at Davis Park in Bethel last Wednesday to protest what they say are plans by two pipeline companies to pump tar sands crude oil through this area to Casco Bay in Portland. They believe the Portland Montreal Pipeline Co., which currently pumps oil from Casco Bay terminals to Montreal, will eventually reverse the flow of one of its pipelines to accommodate tar sands oil coming from western Canada through pipelines owned by the Enbridge company. The protestors question the safety of the 62-year-old line carrying such crude, which they said is more abrasive and more likely to cause leaks in pipelines. The Portland line travels through Waterford, Albany, Bethel and Gilead, and crosses the Androscoggin River. The group also cited a large tar sands pipeline spill near the Kalamazoo River in Michigan, which took place two years ago to the day of their protest. (read more, by the light of your whale-oil lamp, at BethelCitizen)