Bangor Zombie Walk Gives Comic Book Devotees a Refreshing One-Day Break From Dressing Up Like Star Wars Characters

bangor zombie walk

bangor zombie walkBANGOR, Maine — The dead rose from their graves and strolled around Bangor on Saturday afternoon. Gaping wounds swaddled their throats. Splotches of blood dotted their tattered clothing. A spike or two protruded from a few foreheads. Nearly all their faces were the color of ash except for the ones covered in fresh, red blood. The 200 or so people decked out as zombies gathered for the fifth year as the temperature in Bangor dipped into the mid-40s. The Bangor Zombie Walk, scheduled for 5 p.m., started early at 4 p.m. due to the cold weather, organizer Jessie Jackson said. “A zombie is the walking dead,” he said. “We’ve had all kinds of the dead here today — dead clowns to dead doctors to a walking dead Snow White. The point is to have fun.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)

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