Bangor Symphony’s Patrons Skeptical About Young New Director’s Idea To Change The Name To Bach, Brahms & Beyond

Brian Hinrichs

Brian HinrichsThe Bangor Symphony Orchestra on Thursday announced the appointment of a new executive director. Brian Hinrichs will move to Bangor from Madison, WI to take up the position vacated in October 2012 by David Whitehill. Hinrichs is completing his MBA at the Bolz Center for Arts Administration, UW-Madison, where he has recently held graduate positions with the Madison Symphony Orchestra and Pro Arte Quartet. Prior to pursuing his MBA, Hinrichs spent three seasons working for Madison Opera, first as the manager of communications and community outreach and later as the director of marketing. Before his work in Madison, Hinrichs was the recipient of a Fulbright grant to research the emerging Western classical music scene in Thailand, and his article on orchestra life in Bangkok appeared in “Symphony” magazine. (read more at Bangor Daily News)