Bangor Daily News Editorial Calls For Four More Years For Obama, Or At Least Until He Runs Out Of Ambassadors

President Barack Obama is more likely to help secure America’s economic footing than Mitt Romney. We recognize the difficulties of Obama’s presidency and understand where he is responsible for falling short, but we will not blame him for the failures of Congress. We are disappointed Obama could not persuade members of the worthiness of some bills, such as the DREAM Act or the Cybersecurity Act. We are disappointed the president could not find the votes in Congress to pass two budgets. We are concerned about the morality of using drones. But faced with a severe financial crisis in his first term, he prevented a depression with a bipartisan stimulus plan and continues to move the country in a positive direction. Obama recognizes the need for revenues, healthy spending cuts and reform of entitlement programs, all of which require persistence and time. (read more at Bangor Daily News)