Bangor City Official Calls Local Newspaper To Report UFO, Is Told The Word “Gullible” Isn’t In The Dictionary. Go Ahead, Look It Up

Shawn Yardley Bangor Maine

Shawn Yardley Bangor MaineBANGOR, Maine — A city official driving home with his daughter Thursday night saw strange orange-colored balls of light in the night sky over Waterville and called the Bangor Daily News to find out what it was. Shawn Yardley, director of the city’s Department of Health and Community Services, described what the two saw as “bright orange dots at cloud level.” “They looked like Christmas lights, but they were orange,” he said Friday, still looking for answers to what he witnessed. “They took up about a quarter-mile of sky and they stayed in place. It wasn’t fireworks, because they stayed in place.” Yardley was on Interstate 95 near Waterville and said the fire-colored orbs could be seen on the Oakland side of the highway. “People were pulling off the road to look at them,” he said. “If my daughter hadn’t been there to witness the same thing, I would not have called. I’ve never reported anything like this.” (read more at Bangor Daily News)