Backers Say It’s Not Too Late to Elect Ron Paul President of Maine


gop-conventionAUGUSTA, Maine — Fervent supporters of Ron Paul assumed control of the Maine Republican Party convention on Saturday with hopes of using their new power to send a majority of delegates to represent Maine at the national convention. The narrow election late Saturday morning of Paul delegates as convention secretary and convention chairman allowed Paul’s supporters to shift the event away from the Maine GOP establishment. Maine Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster had predicted in an email last week to Republicans that Paul supporters would attempt to assert their authority at the convention and that’s exactly what happened. “Takeover is strong word; we’re all registered Republicans here,” said Matthew McDonald of Belfast, a Waldo County Republican and a Paul supporter. “But Chairman Webster called Ron Paul supporters wingnuts, he saw us as a fringe minority; now we hold the power of the convention.” (read more at the Bangor Daily News)