Authorities Use Fake Blood to Try to Shock Students Who’ve Each Killed Over 100,000 People With a Rusty Chainsaw on X-Box

fake drunk driving accident

FARMINGTON — As firefighters pulled a supposedly lifeless teenage girl’s body from a mangled car and placed her in a body bag, dozens of somber-faced young people sat nearby on a lawn in silence, watching. It was the image Kendra Smith hoped would stick with people who witnessed the mock drunken-driving demonstration Thursday afternoon on the campus of University of Maine at Farmington. After the portrayal of a fatal drunken-driving crash was over, Smith, 38, spoke to the crowd about having lost her 17-year-old son to reckless driving. On May 4, 2005, the Hollis woman’s son, Jeff Letellier, was killed while he was a passenger in a speeding car that ran a stop sign and was struck by another car. Fighting back tears Thursday, Smith pleaded with the large crowd of mostly college-age students to remember what they felt when seeing firsthand the consequences of reckless driving. (read more at the MorningSentinel)

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