Authorities Assure Local Populace That The Intensely Pink Guy With Yellow Teeth Muttering I Like Spiders In The Park Is Probably Harmless

Weird spider guy Dana Wilde

Weird spider guy Dana WildeIn the willow-herb, bedstraw and birchling brush this fall, the argiopes and all their relatives returned. Two Aprils ago they were all but wiped out when heavy deep snow came late and their eggs hatched out too early. That summer and fall there was hardly a silken guy wire to be seen between the timothy tops and goldenrods, let alone any orb webs with a view of bug-filled airspace. That was a bad year for spiders in the Unity park. But better for the dragonflies, bees and lichen moths, of course, who in the normal insect routines patrol the brush at their peril. It’s usually a veritable house of horrors down there for them, and for people whose imaginations run to fright at the sight of small bristly octo-legged beasts peering out from parallel webiverses. But this year the orb webs were back, and the imaginings that go with them.  (read more at Kennebec Journal)