Auburn Schoolteachers Wonder if You Could Just Mail Them Their Checks and Keep Your Creepy Kids at Home

auburn schoolteachers

auburn schoolteachersAUBURN — Saying students need more instruction — not less — parents and even a few teachers blasted the School Committee on Wednesday for considering a two-hour late start every Wednesday for grades seven through 12. When no members of the public spoke for it, and 14 people spoke against it, the committee backed off Superintendent Katy Grondin’s recommendation to give teachers more professional development to improve instruction. The committee voted unanimously to table the subject for a future meeting. A vote on the issue was not scheduled. Before the vote to table and after listening to unhappy parents for nearly two hours, committee member Laurie Tannenbaum said professional development for Auburn schoolteachers was needed, but it didn’t have community support and a compromise was in order.  (read more at the Lewiston Sun Journal)

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